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professional content writer writing blogs, emails, articles for visibility

Write Once...
Connect Many


Content writing, email marketing, repurposing, and content marketing for your blogs, email newsletters, social media, and more.


- Krista, email newsletter writing client

Christine McShane Open Rate

You Talk...I Write

It's as simple as that.

When you need someone to write your blog, emails, lead magnets or social media content, but you don't know where to start.

Maybe you love creating..but you have no time

Maybe you hate writing...but you KNOW it needs to be done

Maybe you have TONS of content in videos, older blogs, guest appearances on podcasts, and you want to repurpose it

Maybe the ideas that were clear in your head just don't seem to translate well into writing

Love it or hate it...writing is a biggie for your business!  So if you can't do it, don't have time to do it, or would gladly pawn it off on someone else, then this is for you.

Whether you need a ghostwriter to take those blogs and newsletters off your plate, there is a service for you.



Packages Avaialble

  • With your Discovery calls, you'll talk about topics and messages you'd like to cover

  • Your ideas are organized into compelling content each month

  • Your content is written and ready to publish when you are ready

Why is This Content Writing Service Different?

It's not generic - it's unique to YOU. There are many content providers to choose from, but many will just provide you with generic industry content. Together, we will brainstorm the best messages that reflect how you are the expert and what makes you different.   

Convenient and time-saving for you.  We know that time is the most precious resource, so we'll collaborate in a way that's easy and allows you to stay focused on your core business.

Idea Guidance and Editorial Calendar for faster execution.  Worried that you don't know what to write about?  As we collaborate, you'll be guided through highlighting your messages to match your marketing strategy.  We can also create an editorial calendar if you don't have one as part of your marketing plan to take the guesswork out of posting.

Take Content Creation off your "to-do someday" list and we'll put it into action.



Q. I’m a decent writer and can just do this myself - what’s the benefit of hiring someone to do it for me?


A.  Great question. If you find that you can post high-quality content on a consistent level that works for your brand without sacrificing time in other areas, then that’s great!  But if you find that you would rather be spending your working time focusing on servicing your clients - or having more free time on your hours off - then these packages may be for you!

Q. How will I get my ideas to you?


A.  When you are ready to grow your audience and brand awareness, we will collaborate each month to get your authentic message to your clients & prospects.  This way, we can promote what makes you and your business unique and stand out from your competitors. We will collaborate in a remote method that works best for you -- phone calls, emails, Zoom, Voxer, whatever!

Q. I don’t know what to say each week.  How will this work?


A. Don’t worry, monthly idea generation and brainstorming is part of the package!  We’ll figure out the best tidbits to write about that reflect your brand and your authentic offering to your customers.

Q. I have lots to say, but I’m all over the place.  What can you do?


A. Great question.  Half the battle is finding time to take a step back and getting everything organized.  Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. After the idea generation meetings, Christine McShane Creative will take all of your original content and organize it into specific posts for you so that you don’t have to.

Q. My content just sits there and never gets posted. How will this help?


A. That’s a common problem, and with your monthly package, we can create an editorial calendar so everything is planned out. In fact, if you want Christine McShane Creative to post it for you (after your approval), we can add that into your package too.  Then you don’t have to think about it, it will automatically get done.


Q. Do I need images to go with my content?


A. Yes, you should. And with access to your library of images, Christine McShane Creative can suggest one of those images to go along with your written content.  As an add on, Christine McShane Creative can also search for and select from stock photos - or even better, schedule a branding photoshoot for your completely authentic images tailor-made for your business.  All my writing clients get a 10% discount on branding photography.

Q. I know I need to post content to promote my brand and grow my audience, I just don’t have time to get started. 


A. We totally get it, that’s why we offer this service!  BOOK NOW if you want Christine McShane Creative to take this off you plate so you can get back to doing what you do best… your business.  We’ll do some simple brainstorming and collaboration... and the rest can be taken care of!

Q. What other services can  you offer me as part of the packages?


A.  We can tailor the packages with various “add ons” including:

  • 10% Off Branding photo session to generate custom images for posts

  • Choosing the corresponding image to go with your posts

  • Posting the content to your blog or social media for you

  • Research required to add to your content (at an hourly rate)


Q. Okay, I’m sold.  What’s next?


A. Fantastic!  Click here to schedule a consultation call and let’s see what packages work best for you!

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