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Christine McShane Happy Clients

"Christine is amazing to work with and has a talent for articulating exactly what you want to say to your audience."

- Kim Dawson, Business Strategist

A Happy
Says It All...

"As a writer myself, I often prefer to write my own content and was hesitant at first to hire someone else to help. However, I realized that while I love writing articles, blogs, and stories, I struggle with writing marketing content.


Through Christine’s process, she was able to really understand not only my business, but who I am, what I bring to the table, and why my audience will benefit from working with me.


She was able to take this and craft messaging that said exactly what I wanted it to say to my audience in a much better way than I could myself.


She is also a pleasure to work with and her process simply works.

If you’re like me and skeptical to hire help with your marketing content, Christine will show you why hiring her is a great decision to make in your business."

                                  - Kim Dawson, Business Strategist

You book a 90-minute phone call, I'll take care of the rest. 

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