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Not sure your
content is actually

Time for a checkup
...and a plan.

If your content marketing isn’t
growing your visibility with
the right prospects...

it’s time for a Content Checkup

This is for you if you're ...


  • Not sure you’re doing the right things

  • Hoping you aren’t wasting time with your content

  • Aren't seeing the results for the effort

  • Find yourself procrastinating because you're confused

  • Wondering if you are missing opportunities

Kinda like an
audit...but a lot more fun!

What Do I Get With
My Content Marketing

In this 2-Hour intensive, we’ll review everything you’re doing for organic Content Marketing

  • Emails & newsletters

  • Nurture sequences

  • Blogs

  • Social Media

  • Lead magnets

  • Guest appearances & visibility

We'll run it through my 5 point framework and see how it all matches up with your brand messaging and target audience.

We'll even review your website copy & brand messaging to see if that needs a brand messaging tune-up too!

When we’re done, you’ll get a summary of what we talked about in a 30-Day Plan that you (or your team) can easily implement.

  • Email list high level strategy

  • Should you blog and how?

  • Social media ideas and high level plan

  • Monthly content themes based on offers

  • Potential Podcast themes

  • High level repurposing plan for existing content

  • Visibility strategies

  • Lead magnet assessment

  • Suggested next steps, where applicable


With the right strategy,
by the time a prospect calls you,

they are 80% sold.


The best time to get a good strategy is RIGHT NOW.


Hi, I'm Christine McShane and I created this just for you.

I know for a fact that organic content marketing can fill your calendar with qualified prospects because that's how I fill mine!

Want to know WHY it works?  It's easy. Because as they saying goes: people like to do business with people they know, that they like, and that they trust. 

The best part?  Content marketing actually pre-qualifies the prospects for you!

There's only so many 1:1 sales conversations you can have (there are just so many hours in a day).

There's NO LIMIT to how many prospects you can reach with your content.

Q.  I've been to workshops and training sessions is this different?

While self-directed resources can be great, they end up being overwhelming and confusing.  And (if we're being honest) never actually completed.

This session GETS.IT.DONE.

You've got my undivided attention for 2 whole hours. We'll roll up our sleeves and dig in...and make some guidelines right then and there.

Q. What exactly are we checking for?

A.  We're going big picture - then down into the weeds.

- Where are you showing up?

- How are you showing up?

- What's your brand messaging?

- What needs updating? 
- What should you produce?

- How are you attracting and engaging?

Some or all of the recommendations may require additional resources.  Some of the recommendations may be offered by Christine McShane Creative at an additional rate. Others may require outside experts, such as SEO experts, graphic designers, web designers, video editors, business coaches or strategists, name a few. But let's take a look!

Q. Will Christine McShane Creative write or edit anything as part of this Checkup?

A.  This Content Marketing Checkup is simply an assessment of where you are are some suggestions to help you define and achieve your content marketing objectives. 

Once you have your handy dandy list of suggestions, you can then decide which items you would like to move forward with as new separate projects.

Or just hand over the results to your team and run with them!

Q. Why should I do this now?  Maybe I should wait...

A.  Of course, you can wait a little longer... but you are going to get the same results if you keep doing what you're doing. 


Are you happy with what you're doing? Or do you think you could be working smarter, not harder?

How about trying something new RIGHT NOW?

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