Write Great Content in Half the Time*

The monthly membership that delivers
DIY templates & prompts right to your inbox


Monthly Content Templates

  • New content templates each month

  • FILL-IN-THE-BLANK style... couldn't be easier!

  • Ongoing library of existing templates

  • Examples of how to use the template

  • Use for

    • Emails

    • Social Media posts

    • Videos (live and recorded)

    • Blogs

Weekly Content Prompts

  • Perfect for Social Media posts and Videos

  • Idea starters for Blog Posts and Solo Podcast episodes

  • Write them yourself...or pass on to your assistant

Flatlay & Stock Photos

  • Unique stock photos & flatlay images

  • New images each quarter

  • For use in your marketing templates


Why start from scratch when you don't have to?

Banish the Blank Screen Blues

I get it... you're full of amazing ideas, yet when you sit down to write content (or discuss with your team), you draw a blank.

The creative juices dry up.  I call this the blank screen blues.


That's why I created this monthly membership (actually, my colleagues asked me to do this for them!) 

This is for you if you...

  • Spend too much time writing content

  • Don't always know where to start

  • Wish you had a fill-in-the blank template

  • Have no shortage of things to talk about

  • Want to use content marketing to get more clients


I'll Get You
Started... You
Bring It Home

Your content is still going to be unique because YOU are writing it. I'm just giving you a leg up.


  • It's YOUR thought leadership.

  • It's how your prospects get to know YOU.

  • It's how YOU nurture your audience for repeat business.

This is just a short cut to make your content faster and easier.



Get ALL of this each month for just $29/month


The Template Request Line

Have a content template request? Submit it to the Request Suggestion Line!



Each month, one suggestion request will be selected to be written and distributed to the membership.


Q. does this Monthly Membership work?

A.  You'll receive regular emails with content prompts and new templates as they come out to the members.

  • email and social media caption templates

  • content prompts for social media, blogs, and solo podcasts

  • flatlay & stock photos

You'll also get access to the template library as it grows - so you can go back and search for what you need.


Q. Is this a monthly membership?

A.  Yes, just like joining a gym! You will subscribe to a monthly membership and get content ideas delivered right to your inbox, with access to templates and other materials.

You can cancel any time!

Q. Who is this Membership for?

A.  This membership is PERFECT for a service-based business.  It can be for anyone who is creating content for that business...whether you are a:

  • Solopreneur doing their own content marketing

  • Small team helping with content marketing

  • Virtual assistant who creates content for clients

Q. How will using templates help me if it's your words, not mine?

A.  Great question. Remember that your content marketing should represent YOU.  It's your relationship building & sales conversation all wrapped into one.

These are just starting points to give you ideas and a structure.

YOU fill in the blanks with YOUR message - and the content will always be genuine to you.

Q. Can I review the entire Terms of Service?

A. Yes, you can check out the membership Terms of Service here.

*Q. Can I *really* write great content in half the time?

A.  Of course, your results may vary.  Some people will find this to be extremely helpful in getting them rolling quickly.  If you are a slow (and/or reluctant) writer, this can vary for you as well.  No results are ever guaranteed.  But this service can save you so much time.

Q. Can I share with my Virtual Assistant or Social Media Marketer?

A.  Yes, the works for the DIY marketer AND someone who has a team.

Use these templates as a starting point, and in your stories/thoughts/perspectives and share with your team! They can finish it for you.  Win-win!

Q. Can I access previous materials?

A.  You bet. The library will continue to grow and you can go back and use anything at any time!