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Help your prospects become best friends with your brand

Join Content Creation with Purpose and use your blogs, emails, social media as open invitations to your future clients.

A content marketing membership & community for personal brands and small teams
so you can stand out,  serve many, and sell more

Writing on Computer

Imagine making more sales...
just by being you

By creating purposeful  and genuine content, we can effectively: 

  • Get discovered by new audiences

  • Create digital conversations with virtually unlimited people

  • Be the first person that they go to when they're ready to buy

Using a Touch Phone
  • Maybe you've been trying this on your own and feel like it's going nowhere


  • Maybe you need inspiration and community


  • Maybe you're ready to serve on a new scale


Whatever your journey, this is your community!

Because everything's better with friends.


This is for you if you:

  • Want more qualified inquiries

  • Are tired of "keeping up" with all the things

  • Want to use AI tools
  • Do your own marketing

  • Have a marketing assistant

  • You ARE a marketing assistant

Marketing Prompts
Designed to Sell

Forget prompts like "National Ice Cream Day."  No offense to my favorite dessert (I still love you, ice cream) but generic posts like that won't actually attract new viewers or readers.

Use the prompts for:

  • AI starter prompts

  • Writing them yourself

  • Have your assistant write them

These prompts are designed to help you become besties with your prospects.

Content Creation Sessions
so you don't have to do it alone

Are you a part of procrastination nation?

Here's your accountability date with yours truly and all of your CCP friends to sit down and create some effective content right there on the call.

Want some professional eyeballs or advice? Hop on and ask away!

We meet twice a month on Tuesdays (and sometimes Fridays).

Because everything's better with friends - including creating content!

Bite-Sized Marketing Training that you can actually complete

Want to spend hours and hours on marketing training? Yeah, ME NEITHER.

I'm too busy to consume mountains of training - I much prefer the light touch.

That's why I'm curating the highlights and the "need to knows" so you can:


  • Listen in less than 1 hour

  • Take one small action

  • Move on about your day!

I'm constantly inviting industry experts to share those marketing nuggets of gold with YOU for free. 

Online community so you can connect & chat from anywhere!

Community is everything - and we're building something special here.

It's a content creation community centered around lifting each other up.

Need support and feedback NOW?   Members can post their content for peer feedback - anytime 24x7!



2023 Bite-SizedTraining Sessions

  • Effective lead magnets 

  • Subject lines & email marketing strategies

  • Sales psychology

  • Social media

  • Facebook ads

  • Pinterest 101

  • Use AI and still be authentic

  • Get comfortable on video


... and more

Join us monthly for $29 - with the option to cancel any time!

...or snag the annual membership and save $49

"Love, love this product from you... Bravo!"

Pricing and CTA

Become a intentional creator with the
Content Creation with Purpose


Bonus 1:
Fill-in-the-Blank Templates

that go beyond the AI prompts that your competitors are using

Sometimes getting started is the hardest part. I've got you covered!

Swipe my templates for:

  • emails

  • lead magnets

  • blogs

You can even use AI to modify and make them yours.




Bonus 2:
Original Stock Photos & Flatlays

Yours to use in your social media, on your website, as blog images, or in your emails!


Q. does this Membership work?

A.  Jump in and join the content party. It's a whole lot better than creating by yourself (with or without AI).

You'll receive regular emails with content prompts and new templates as they come out to the members.

  • email and social media caption templates

  • content prompts for social media, blogs, and solo podcasts

  • flatlay & stock photos

Jump onto our online community for even more resources and ask for peer feedback (paid members only).

You'll also get access to the template library and stock photos as it grows - so you can go back and search for what you need.

Q.  I can't afford to outsource my content, but DIY gets overwhelming. I think I need a little extra support with these prompts and templates. How can I get that?

You are not alone!  Come join our community for the monthly LIVE virtual sessions, where you'll have opportunities to:

  • Learn examples of how YOU can use the content

  • Have your content reviewed by a copywriter (time permitting on a first come, first serve basis)

Q.  I'm not a marketing guru. How am I going to keep up with all this stuff?

No doubt, marketing can feel like a never ending rabbit hole of things to learn and things to do.

That's why you'll get occasional marketing and content creation training sessions from guest experts with bite-sized chunks of information to help you with your marketing efforts.

Q. Is this a recurring membership?

A.  Yes, just like joining a gym! You will subscribe to a monthly or annual membership and get content ideas delivered right to your inbox, with access to templates and other materials.

You can cancel any time!

Q. Who is this Membership for?

A.  This membership is PERFECT for a service-based business or a personal brand.  It can be for anyone who is creating content for that business...whether you are a:

  • Personal brands that compete on value (not on price)

  • Solopreneurs doing their own content marketing

  • Member of a team creating content marketing for you

  • Virtual assistant who creates content for clients

Q. Can't I just use AI and call it a day?

A.  I'm so glad you're thinking this through. Let me ask you a question... are you a commodity that competes on price?

Or are you offering something that has special value?

If you are trying to attract (and close) buyers that are willing to pay for your unique value, you MUST show them what that value is. And show them why they should hire you, and not your competitors (who may also be creating generic content through AI).

If you want to be viewed as different and special, you must BE different and special.

We can use AI as a tool to get there faster (just like these prompts and templates)... but to eliminate what makes you different can undercut your sales and marketing efforts.  Instead, we want to use tools to BOOST your sales and marketing efforts.

To be truly effective at moving towards a sale, your content marketing should represent YOU.  It's your relationship building & sales conversation all wrapped into one.

These are just starting points to give you ideas and a structure.

YOU fill in the blanks with YOUR message - and the content will always be genuine to you.

Q. Is this training about specific social media, blog, email, or podcast platforms?

A.  This membership gives you ideas and fill-in-the-blank templates for content of ALL varieties.   We don't focus on a single platform, but instead the core content creation that share your special sauce with the world (so you can ultimately serve them).  We'll turn your words into:


  • social media captions

  • video scripts

  • emails

  • blogs

  • solo podcast episode

  • ...and more

Q. Can I review the entire Terms of Service before I sign up?

A. Yes, you can check out the membership Terms of Service here.

Q. Can I *really* write great content in half the time?

A.  Of course, your results may vary!  Some people will find this to be extremely helpful in getting them rolling quickly.  If you are a slow (and/or reluctant) creator, this can vary for you as well.  No results are ever guaranteed.  But this service can save you so much time while still standing out in your field.

*Q.  How do the content reviews work?

A.  Having a copywriter review your work is a great idea - but not everyone has space in their budget for that.  Here's your opportunity!  Join one of the LIVE sessions, and you 'll get the chance to have your content quickly reviewed during the live virtual call. 

Obviously, these opportunities for individual questions and brief content reviews will depend on how many are requested during a session.  These will be done on a first come, first serve basis and will be limited by time.  Due to volume of requests, questions and content reviews are never guaranteed.

Q. Can I share with my Virtual Assistant or Social Media Marketer?

A.  Yes, the works for the DIY marketer AND someone who has a team.

Use these templates as a starting point, and in your stories/thoughts/perspectives and share with your team! They can finish it for you.  Win-win!

Q. Can I access previous materials?

A.  You bet. The library will continue to grow and you can go back and use anything at any time as long as you are a current member!


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