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Do you know how to pivot your business?

Not since the mid have I heard the phrase “pivot” been used so much! This time, with not as much humor. But truthfully, pivoting your business is nothing new. Half the small business owners I know have pivoted their business for one reason or another in the past year or two. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming and it CAN mean positive things.

If you are thinking about ways to “pivot” your business next week due to the current situation, that’s a great start. Remember, there are a lot of people and businesses out there who could really use your services or products right now.

Take a minute and think about what’s going through their minds, and how you can tailor your offerings to serve them over the next few weeks. What are their needs over the next few weeks? What are they struggling with? How can you be of service to some segment of your community? Think about what they are overwhelmed with and what might make their life easier.

And what will your community need when life comes back to normal? Anyone who has been hunkering down for social distancing may have a pent up need for a new hairstyle, a fresh wardrobe change, an update to their living room, a massage for stress relief, or a workshop or yoga class where they can finally get out and be with people. Can you imagine all that built up desire to get back to normal productive and pleasurable things?

When you are ready, take the time to regroup and tinker with your message. Take a deep breath and shut off the news. Think of ways that you can connect on both a personal and professional level with everyone out there going through the same thing.

Most important: you don’t have to have your pivot message all tied up neatly in a bow to keep communicating. As I posted earlier, just be sure that your existing messaging is sensitive and still relevant. And it can be as easy as making purposeful adjustments to your previously scheduled messages to reflect your current thoughts.

But don’t be afraid to share with your audience. Our online connection is what keeps us all together as we do what’s best for our community.

If you want help tweaking your existing messaging - or creating NEW content for your “pivot”, I’m here to help. For a limited time, I’ll be offering a Pivot Package at a deep discount. Contact me at for more details, or book a free consultation call at


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