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First Impressions Matter - What Does Your Headshot Say About You?

"You never get a second chance to make a first impression" -- Andrew Grant

Most professionals know how to make a great first impression face to face - everything from eye contact, body language, good listening skills, groomed appearance, being approachable, and even a good 30 second "elevator speech."

But what about when you aren't there in person to make that first impression? When someone gets referred to you, what's the first thing they may do? Probably they will look you up online to see what you are all about, to learn more ...and frankly, to vet you before they contact you.

Your online presence and image is just as important as your "in person" presence.

Take a good look at your headshot / profile photo today. That's going to be a huge part of the "first impression" that many prospective clients or employers are going to see when they look you up. What kind of attitude and image does it reflect? It should look sharp, clean and professional. It doesn't have to be stuffy, but it should look appropriate for your business, either in front of a formal backdrop or a more relaxed "environmental" backdrop, such as your office, store, or any other setting where you work.

If you settle for a quick photo in front of a blank wall, taken by a friend on their cell phone, think about the impression you make: that you are willing to settle for that as a representative of your brand and your professionalism.

Image is everything. Human beings are wired to respond to images! A good, professional quality headshot as part of your entire online presence is a simple way to make a statement about your level of professionalism and appeal to prospective clients, business partners, and employers.


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