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How Many Versions of your Elevator Pitch Should You Have?

It’s okay (and even advisable) to have multiple versions of your elevator pitch. Because remember that not all prospects are motivated by the same thing.

If I owned an organic lawn care company, I’d have to think about what’s most important to each type of prospect. Is it: ✨ Protecting the pollinators? ✨ Not exposing their young children or pets to pesticides? ✨ Protecting the water supply? ✨ Or just the environment in general? When marketing to a group of parents, I might highlight the nontoxic aspects of my products that are safe for children. When marketing to a group of farmers, I might focus on protecting the bees that pollinate their crops. We are here to serve our clients - but most of our clients are on information overload. So it’s actually doing your prospects a favor if you keep your message crisp, clear, and focused on what they care about most. Need help with your pitch? I have a brand messaging & elevator pitch package just for this purpose. Email


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