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How to Use AI to Enhance Your Digital Connections and Content

If you believe that growing your business depends on real connection and developing community through quality content, give this AI podcast a listen.

The truth is that you CAN use AI to help create unique content. The magic doesn't come from churning out homogenized, generic content based on volume and not quantity. The magic can come from using AI while creating content that strengthens your digital connections.

Because isn't creating connections what it's all about? Otherwise, why are you producing content in the first place?

Check out episode 171 of Lisa Zawrotny's Positively Living Podcast to talk about using AI to enhance digital connections and content!

When is creating content actually productive (and effective) - and when is it just noise?

If you haven't met Lisa Zawrotny yet, she's a productivity expert. So what do productivity and content marketing have to do with each other? A TON. Just because you're creating a lot of content, doesn't mean you are being productive - regardless of whether AI churned it out in 5 minutes, or you personally spent 5 hours on it. To be effective, your content needs to be purposeful. So listen in as Lisa and I go deep into:

  • The intersection between community and content

  • The importance of authenticity and trust when creating content

  • How people are craving that human connection

  • The key first step: listening to what people want to connect about

  • How to make people respond to your content

  • Understanding some basic copyright issues with AI content

  • Connecting your community in meaningful conversations

You can listen here on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

Why we fast-tracked this AI content episode

This podcast was recorded in August 2023. Normally, Lisa plans out her Positively Living podcast months in advance, but we both agreed that this AI conversation was too timely to wait. And this AI landscape is changing so quickly, who knows how any of this will be different 6 months from now.

If you are are business owner or content creator, but feel out of the loop with AI, give yourself some grace. This is a rapidly changing environment. Don't worry so much about which app to use for what. In this How to Use AI to Enhance Your Digital Connections and Content episode, we look at the high level strategic view of how to incorporate AI help to market your unique business genius. Want to come join the community that I mention in this podcast? You can find us here.


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