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If you're going to be unique, make sure THIS is unique too!

This is one of my favorite stories.

A client of mine went to an educational presentation for their industry filled with their colleagues, potential partners, and clients.

As they watched the presenter, the slide on the screen felt eerily familiar.

Then it dawned on them… the stock photo on the presenter’s slide was the same stock photo the client used on the home page of their own website! 😮😮😮

So the question is… how is your brand going to be unique if your content isn’t unique?

Yes, we all start out using free and low cost resources. But as you level up, you need to make sure ALL aspects of your branding are unique… including your images.

If your images are:

❓All generic stock photos

❓Are cell phone photos

❓Are older than 1 year

It’s time to book your brand photo session!

Remember... your website, your content, and your images are how people far and wide are getting to know you.

If you're using the same photos as your competitors, what does that say about your brand? Absolutely nothing.

So get that photo shoot booked!

I've got a free resource to help you get the most bang for your buck out of your next brand photo shoot. You can download your free brand photo shoot guide here.

If you're in the Eastern Massachusetts, Central Massachusetts, the Metrowest area of Boston, or northern Rhode Island, email to get your session booked.

Together, we'll create a library of customized images you can use everywhere - your website, social media posts, and printed content.


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