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Is anyone reading your content? The answer may surprise you.

For all of you out there, wondering if anyone is actually viewing the content that you work so feverishly to create, I have an answer.

YES. They are watching, they are listening, and it’s working. 👀

Last week, I had a prospect call me for a quote on my content marketing & brand photography services.

​They said “I have been following you for two years”....two years!!!

Talk about a long sale. 🎉

The funny thing is… this person never liked or commented on my posts…ever!

So I had no idea that I was actually building the “know, like, and trust” factor with them… but I was! 😊

All you have to do is:

👉 Show up consistently

👉 Use a simple content marketing strategy

👉 Engage with your colleagues and your community

Trust me, it works.

If creating content feels overwhelming to you, I’ve got an easy solution to get you halfway there… Join the Content Templates for Busy People Membership and get the starters delivered right to your inbox.

- Email Templates

- Content Prompts

- Stock Photos you won’t find anywhere else

- LIVE content review & training sessions

Not everyone has the budget to hire a content writer - but now you can use templates to get started.

This membership will get your creative juices flowing.

Because remember - your prospects are paying attention. And you want to be top of mind the moment they have a need for your product or service.

Join us! It's a month-to-month membership, so you can cancel any time.

Check it out here:

I want to hear from you! What was the longest a prospect has been following YOU before they bought from your business?


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