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Need more free time in 2020?

What would you do with extra free time? Spend more time with your family? Outside in nature? Exercising? Reading business development books? More lunches with friends? That’s my list for 2020.

At some point in your business, you may realize that you can’t do everything. That you don’t want to do everything. You’ve invested so much time and your heart building something great. It may be time to offload the tasks that need to get done, you just don’t have the time.

If that’s you for 2020, let’s talk. I’m a content writer and branding photographer that can take your social media & blog posts off your plate for you. Finally you can promote your brand on social media without hours and hours of work.

You may be thinking - how would that work? How can someone else write for me? You have probably built a brand that’s so authentic to you, it’s hard to imagine turning that over to someone else. I totally get that! There are many writing services out there that will create generic industry content for you, but that’s not me. What I’m offering is something different - I get to know you and your brand. With an easy and time-saving process, I’ll get your latest content straight from you...then I’ll organize it, write it, and get it ready to publish.

Not only can I write the content, but I can also optionally take the photos for you (say goodbye to searching for stock photos that your competitor isn’t using!) Because I’m an all-in-one service, you save time by only having to work with 1 person -- not multiple people. But if you already have your photos and images? No problem. Branding photography is an optional service, at a discount rate to my writing clients.

If your content is just sitting there … either in drafts on your computer, or still just thoughts in your head … let’s chat. Let’s get that content out there to your audience. And let’s do it without hours and hours of work. You can reach your audience and sit back and enjoy everything you have planned for yourself in 2020.

As my New Year’s gift to you - all new writing clients get 10% off their first contract.

You can reach me at to set up a time to chat.


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