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Solids vs. Prints in Brand Photography

The biggest planning question I get from my photography clients is "What do I wear during my brand photoshoot?"

I have so many tips (see below for my entire guide) but one of the biggest ones is: WEAR SOLID COLORS where possible.

Prints and designs are okay in moderation - but they make your photograph MUCH less versatile when you go to use it.

Prints and bold designs can draw attention to themselves. And that can be fine in certain circumstances.

But usually the point in brand photography is to have some beautiful compelling photos that you can use ANYWHERE any template.

Solid colors are better than patterns and designs when it comes to headshots and brand photography
Solids are usually the best choice for headshots and brand photos

Obviously, there will be times when you may want a print or design - and feel free to go for it!

But if you are planning on using these across ALL of your marketing, plan for most of your clothes to be solid colors.

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