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Vive la différence (in your marketing)

Emphasize what makes you different in order to attract the “best fit” clients - sounds simple, right?

Simple but not easy. 🤣

I have had at least 3 conversations in the past few weeks with new clients who have mentioned a core value to me - and when I looked at their website, blogs, and social media, that core value was nowhere to be found.

This is incredibly common because it’s easy to miss the forest for the trees. When we’re knee-deep in our own businesses, it’s hard to take a step back and look at it from a 30-foot view.

This is especially important if your business has evolved over the past few years, as most businesses do. Sometimes when we change, even subtly, we forget to bring our underlying brand messaging up to speed!

But this step is absolutely critical because we are all trying to attract our ideal client. At some point in your business, you realize that your sweet spot is with your “best fit” clients. You really aren’t trying to attract “everyone.”

That doesn’t mean you can’t serve everyone - it just means you are trying to attract the best fit client. When the client is happy and you are happy - everyone wins. 🔥

That’s where genuine content marketing comes in - as a powerful way to attract those ideal clients organically. 🌟

So take a moment to make sure your content is showing off all aspects of your business and your brand. Don't worry that by showing off your entire brand personality that you will repel certain prospects. That’s actually okay! You are actually making space for ones that are drawn to what you uniquely offer.

Take a step back, and list out on paper: 👀

What makes your product or service different? List them all.

  • What are your methods for transformation?

  • What are your core values?

  • What is your process for delivery?

  • Who your product or service is for (and who it’s not)?

  • What do they want to gain from your product or service?

Now look at your content - can you find ALL of those elements in your content?

  • On your website

  • In your social media profiles & feed

  • In your photos & graphics

  • On your blog, YouTube channel, or podcast

  • In your guest appearances elsewhere

You may be surprised to discover what is missing from your overall message! That’s why it’s important to literally write it down and then look for it. Otherwise, you’ll assume that you’ve been communicating it all along.

Want some help reviewing your content marketing and brand messaging? Book a content marketing strategy session and we’ll do it together. I'm at or book a call here.


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