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What you may not know about generic stock photos

I’m sure many of you rely on stock photos for your websites & social media posts. Businesses who are just starting off usually don’t have the budget (or the time) to create custom photography or graphics. But it’s good to understand the legal ramifications of using someone else’s image (guess what -- even if you take it from a “creative commons” site, you still may be on the hook and it can cost you big money!)

Rachel Brenke is an attorney that I follow -- and I think her 10 minute podcast is critical for ANYONE posting images, graphics, and written content for their business. It’s only 10 minutes but worth listening to. Check out her podcast (and all her other great information) here:

Ultimately, the only way to ever guarantee that your images and writing are completely free of any copyright infringement is either a) express written permission from the verified content owner or b) your own content! Taking your own photos or hiring a professional photographer to take polished images will always ensure that your published content is not only completely yours to use but also 100% authentic that your audience won't be able to find anywhere else.


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