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When it feels like there's no room at the inn...

Starting a new business

I was on a call last week with several entrepreneurs, including one who was contemplating starting a business.

She was doubting herself because "there are already so many" businesses doing what she wants to do.

I asked her....have you ever looked around and noticed how many different options you have as a consumer:

⭐ how many different brands of clothes can you buy online?

⭐ how many different restaurants there are in your area?

⭐ how many types of shoes, wall art, games, tools, office supplies, furniture, or mobile apps are out there?

Last time I checked the internet, the options are endless.

Because no two businesses are alike and no two products are the same....just like snowflakes.

I personally believe there is enough for everyone. If you have something to give the world...then go ahead and give it!

You don't have to appeal to everyone. You just have to offer what's true to you, and your customers will find you.


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