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Why Having An Email List Matters

Since I'm always giving away tips for effective content marketing, I wanted to address the recent Facebook and Instagram outage.

While maybe it made some of us more productive, it should have bumped your "build my email list" task up on your priority list a few notches.

When you rely heavily on certain platforms, you are beholden to their rules and algorithms (and apparently, their uptime!)

Email is another way to communicate with your ideal client.

I DON'T think an email list is better than social media. I think it's DIFFERENT from using social media.

With email you are not reliant or beholden to a particular platform. THIS IS HUGE! Getting delivered directly into the inbox of someone who has expressed interest in your products and services is worth its weight in gold.

With email you can tailor your messages to different segments of your email list so you are delivering value to only those who are interested. This is so important!

However, I must add that email doesn't give you exposure to new audiences that don't know you yet... AND you need to be much more judicious about how often you send emails. If you send too many emails or without much value, people will unsubscribe. However, "too many posts" on social media doesn't bother most people half as much. And of course, you must comply with email marketing laws.

If the recent social media outage taught us anything is that it's best to do BOTH.

So if building your email list has suddenly become a higher priority, I invite you to download how I personally doubled my email list in about two months. You are free to use these ideas for your business too!


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