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Why Your Shoes are Like Content marketing

Have you ever put together a really great outfit? One that makes you feel like a million bucks?

Then after rooting through your closet, you realize that you don’t have the perfect shoe to complete the outfit.

You thought you did, but it just isn’t right .

You try on this shoe, you try on that shoe… while your partner is glancing at the clock, wondering if you’ll be late for your reservations.

You settle for a “good enough” shoe. But it’s not the same.

This can happen with your brand messaging and content marketing. Just like with a million-dollar outfit, everything has to fit together just right for maximum impact.

Take a moment and look at all the moving parts in your business:

  • Your website

  • Your social media profiles

  • Your landing pages

  • Your blogs

  • Your social media graphic templates

  • Your images

  • Your sales emails

Ask yourself: Are they all working together with the same message and the same strategy?

Your content marketing is the outfit of your business! It is your external appearance - with every email, post, and web page, you are making an impression and communicating (both verbally and non-verbally) about your brand.

Prospects will be absorbing this as they consider doing business for you. Which can work FOR you as a pre-qualification tool, but also possibly AGAINST you if aren’t putting out a consistent message or vibe.

I’m not saying your content marketing needs to be polished and perfect - but it should be purposeful and genuine.

If you’ve been slapping together content marketing but want to look at the bigger picture, you’re not alone.

Unless you have a dedicated marketing team, you are probably fitting it in “here and there” - but there’s a better way and it DOESN’T require hiring someone new.

It’s the Content Creation Club - and it’s your monthly appointment with yourself to Get. It. Done.

  • Block off your time for YOU to grow your business - you can attend as much or as little as you want.

  • Get access to EXPERT SPEAKERS … why waste time buying courses when I’ll bring the experts to you?

  • Get INSTANT FEEDBACK on your copy and your approach right there on the group call - without having to pay for a private session (first come first serve)

  • FOCUS on the big picture - you’ll have the space to look at your brand messaging and content marketing as a whole

I call it “Marketing for Busy People” for a reason. It’s a monthly membership group for people who don’t have a lot of time but are ready to grow their business.

So if you’re busy and doing it all alone (or with a very small team), join now and get the time and guidance you need to get it done.

Join Now! Price goes up in October.


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