From “To Do” to “Done”

...without Hiring a Copywriter

Finally, get your content written in

The Content Creation Club

with guidance and review by a professional writer,

one page at a time.

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  • About Page or Bio 

  • Blog Post

  • Home Page 

  • Landing Page

  • Social Media

  • Sales Emails

  • Newsletters

Where do you need

outstanding content?

- Private access to limited seat group sessions with a professional writer, where you’ll get the starting structure and the do’s & don’ts. 

- You’ll get time to write on your own copy during the power hour.

- You can even submit for “hot seat” critique within the session.

Get it written, done right.

What To Expect

How Does It Work?

Step 1: 

Join the Club! Seats are limited.

There will be two different

2 Hour Co-Writing session per month. 

Attend as many as you want!

Step 2:

Get guidance on how to write the copy.

You'll get the do's and don'ts

and an interactive Q&A in a very small group.

Step 3:

Use The Content Creation Club

to plan your social media

or finally write your copy to raise your visibility

This is your appointment to

get your content marketing DONE.

You'll have the time during the call 

to get that draft done!

Step 4:

Get an instant review of your draft

during the co-writing calls

Get an optional quick review

and critique of your content, right there on the call, on a "first come first serve" basis.

Want a private review of your content?

Book a private content consultation

at 10% Off if booked up to 72 hours

after the Power Hour.

What Clients Are Saying

 "I learned a new framework for creating my About Me page and I had the space and time to craft the messaging.
I honestly couldn't have done it without Christine's guidance and the professional knowledge she brings to writing and creating messaging. "
- Shannon G.