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Does Your Copy Need a Makeover?

Book a LIVE review
and edit your copy together with a professional copywriter!

Don't have time for a LIVE session?

Submit your copy and get a recorded video with edits and suggestions.

Live Copy Review

What clients are saying...

live content review

"We spent 1.5 hours working on the sales page and everything changed.

She was able to hone in on the format, the wording that would appeal to my target market and streamline the entire process.


What a relief! That’s the best word I can use to express my delight at working with Christine.

I was immediately able to send it to my web designer and I could move on to other things with confidence that what she had helped me create was just right."

- Ginger Burr

Have you ever written something but you're just not sure that it "works"?

Put your mind at ease and book a quick and easy "Your Copy Makeover"  session!

Book your call, and we'll review right over a Zoom call to make sure that your content is crafted to convey the right message and meet your marketing objectives

This session is perfect if you need:

- 1:1 consultation on creating content

- private review of your existing content (blogs, emails, landing page, website copy)

- Ginger Burr

What clients are saying...

Christine's Private Content Reviews

are groundbreaking!


I was procrastinating getting the page done, didn't know what pieces I needed and what was the best order of the page. 


We created did it together which felt so efficient and productive.


We finished my page in 90 minutes and I got a live page up in 24 hours because the text was so final when we finished.


This way of writing content trumps both doing it yourself and totally outsourcing it.  

Live content review

- Mia M.

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