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Brand Photos for Personal Brands in central Massachusetts, Boston area,
northern Rhode Island, and southern New Hampshire

semi annual brand photos massachusetts christine mcshane creative
brand photos christine mcshane creative
brand photography christine mcshane createive

Never run out of fresh images again! 

When you're the face of the personal brand, your image is everything!  People come to you for your unique approach and value - and sharing is the best way to grow your visibility and attract new ideal prospects.  That's what this semi-annual branding photo package is for.

Tired of using the same images over and over again?


Then this is for you. With this semi-annual brand photo package, you'll get 2 photoshoots each year.  This keeps you current with your look, your business, and your lifestyle.

Are you full of ideas on how to use them but don't know where to start?


With each delivery of your processed and lightly-edited proofs, you'll get 6 blog /post ideas that are matched with an image -so you can eliminate the guesswork and share your idea with the world!


Does your Bio, About Me, Speaker Sheet, or Social Media Profile need an update?

Most businesses change throughout the year.

- You discover new opportunities

- You streamline your business

- You get feedback from clients 

Your business is always changing - let's make sure your messaging is up to date!  You'll get an initial Makeover for your Pitch, About Me, Speaker Sheet and Social Media Profiles.

Then we'll do a quick checkup / touchup in 6 months to make sure your message is fresh and on point.

semi annual brand photography christine mcshane creative
professional brand photos massachuetts christine mcshane creative
professional photographer christine mcshane creative massachusetts
Personal Branding

What's Included in the Semi-Annual Branding Package?

- We'll book 2 separate Branding Photoshoots (90-minutes each)

- You get to keep ALL the processed proofs from the session

- You can choose up to 8 images from each session for basic touchups

- You'll get 6 ideas for Posts / Blogs using the final image

- We'll start with 1 Brand Messaging Audit & Makeover (Pitch, About Me Page, Speaker Sheet, & Social Media Profile)

- You'll get a Brand Messaging Checkup in 6 months

Book your onboarding call to kick off your Brand Messaging Audit & Makeover as the first step in your Semi-Annual Brand Photo Package. You'll receive the next steps to plan needed to complete the package and plan your first photoshoot!

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