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Compelling Copy
to Attract
Best Fit Clients

Professional Copywriting & Editing Services
for Websites, Sales Landing Pages, and Sales Emails

  • Your website is more than a's your sales representative.

  • Your landing page is actually an entire sales conversation (including handling objections and hesitations).

  • Your sales emails should drive interested and pre-qualified prospects to your offer, without wasting anyone's time.

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Sometimes your copy is the
sales conversation you get to have!

You need new website copy if...

- You've recently changed your offers

- You're targeting new audiences

- You haven't updated your website in a year

- Your brand messaging isn't connecting with the right audience

"Christine is clearly an expert!

She was incredibly easy and approachable to work with and her expertise and knowledge shined through during the whole process.


While my emails required lots of revisions, I never felt inadequate or less than... She is thoughtful, smart, quick, and creative.


Writing is clearly her JAM and you can see the joy she has when doing it! I have learned to stay in my lane and leave what I can't do to the expert!"

- Lisa D, health and wellness coach

Your Sales Emails start the conversation...

and your Sales Landing Page does all the talking.

There's a reason why writing sales emails and landing pages feels like an art.  That's because it's actually an entire sales conversation!

A good sales email and landing page will:


  • Catch the right prospect's attention

  • Invite the prospect to the landing page to learn more

  • Share the unique value of your offer (without confusing  them)

  • Speak directly to their desires or pain points (and how you can serve them)

  • Answer all their questions without overwhelming

  • Make it a "no-brainer" (if they are truly a best fit)


It's not about selling to just's about serving the right customers.

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