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Busy People Network
A Marketing & Networking Community
for Small Busin

Where good networking & great content marketing
build genuine connections

A content creation & networking community 
so that your small business
can show up, stand out, and serve more.

Networking & Community

Get found by connecting with new partners and collaborators

Content Marketing

Use content ideas and resources to create digital conversations with your audience

Promotion & Visibility

Stay top of mind to be the first person they go to when they're ready to buy

Testimonial for Busy People Connect

Get the best of both
organic marketing strategies


Jump to the FAQ below to binge on all the features!

This VIP community is for you if you...

  • Prioritize relationship building over selling

  • Invest regularly in your business

  • Want the convenience and time efficiency as well as deep connections and support 

  • Embrace collaboration over competition

  • Believe that we all rise together

Three Beverages
Q. How do I get the most out of this membership?

A.  Just like a gym membership, you can use this membership as much or as little as you want.


  • Some people go to the gym for the cardio AND weight machines

  • Some people just use the weights

  • Other people just use the cardio equipment

  • Some people love the classes

  • Others like to use the equipment alone

This is your platform to learn, connect, promote, and grow. Use it however you want!

"Christine's community is the perfect combination of things I need in my life!"


Thanks to Christine's wonderful community, I am on top of my content marketing - and I can join the live sessions for help when I get stuck.

Her warm and welcoming networking group is filled with people ready to support and cheer me on. I've connected with incredible individuals, and I am grateful to be a member."

- Marcie G.


2023-07-14 Jennifer Faye Colombo Testimonial Busy people networking.jpg

Come for the Connections - Stay for the Community

BusyPeople SIGNUP

Become a VIP member of

the Busy People Network so you can

  • Connect with Networking

  • Create Content that Cultivates

  • Promote so you can serve more

only $39/month

(cancel anytime!)

or choose the $399 annual payment to save $69!

Still have questions?  Read below to find everything you
need to know about the Busy People Network!

Buffet Table
Consider this a membership buffet.

Eat when you're hungry...take a break when you're full.
Q. So how does this membership work?

A.  Once you are a VIP member, you can take advantage of as many of the benefits that fits your needs.

Each Month You Can:

1. Use the content prompts to stand out

2. Join the co-working sessions to do your content marketing

3. View the Bite-Sized Marketing Training sessions from guest experts

4. Attend a Virtual Networking event

5. Share your content (and promotions) in the Busy People Network community

6. Apply to be a guest speaker at a networking eventt

7. Ask & Give visibility support from other VIP members

Q. What are the networking details?

A.  All virtual networking events are on Tuesdays (eastern time zone).

- We meet 1-2 times per month for virtual networking events (usually 8am or 12pm eastern time zone on Tuesdays)

-  As a VIP, you can apply to be a guest speaker to gain visibility

- These virtual events are open to the public. Your VIP ticket is free, but others can purchase tickets

- We go 90-minutes but you can drop off early if you need to.

- You can show up as you are -  no need to be fancy.

- Please be prepared to introduce yourself on camera so that others can get comfortable with you.  You can go off camera during the guest speaker or if you need to grab a snack! 

- Don't have time to network?  You can still post and comment in the online community, and take advantage of the content creation resources.

Video Conference
Typing on a Laptop
Q. What are the content creation details?

A.  We've got several ways we can support you


  • Weekly content prompts to get the juices flowing


  • Live Co-working sessions to get professional reviews (1st and 3rd Tuesday at 1pm ET). You can work silently, or have your content reviewed on the call (first come, first serve)


  • Bite-sized marketing training given by guest experts



Don't want to create content (or have a marketing team that does it for you)?  You can skip this part and just do the networking & relationship building.  You can come back to this any time you need!

Q.  How Can I Promote My Business?

A.  We have our own online community where you can engage, ask questions, and promote!  This group is a mix of free and paid VIP members.

- As a VIP, you can promote your offer, event, blog, or content 1x a week in the online community

-  Join our private "Ask & Give" support chain, where you can ask for a visibility boost on your post

- Get a social media spotlight focused on YOU

- Ask for feedback from your peers or conduct market research.

- Don't want to hang out online?  You are never obligated to spend time in our online community. But we are here whenever you feel like jumping in!

Happy Girl Texting

Show up in whatever way works for you!

Emoji Balloons
Q. Am I a good fit for this group?

There are all types of groups out there, and there’s a best fit for everyone.


In fact, most of us are in multiple groups - and that’s a good thing!  Expanding our horizons and network is what it’s all about.


  • We aren’t massive - so you have a better chance of being seen and heard


  • We’ve got a unique combination of networking and content marketing


  • We have guidelines around promotion, unsolicited DM’s or sales emails, conduct, and types of topics allowed in the community



  • We encourage participation and collaboration over “post and ghost”


You can view the entire terms and conditions here.

Are you ready for:


  • A simple method for creating high quality content that matters

  • A place to network and expand your visibility

  • A way to combine the two to amplify your efforts

  • A balance between promotion and real connection

  • A supportive zone where we can lift each other up


only $39/month

(cancel anytime!)

or choose the $399 annual payment to save $69!

Not ready to commit yet? I admit, I can be a “lurker” too. 


Feel free to join the Busy People Network Facebook community community and see what the fuss is all about.  You can even join our networking meetings by purchasing a ticket.  


When you’re ready for the networking/content marketing system, the training, the prompts, and the ability to promote, come join us as a VIP anytime. 


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