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Christine McShane Creative

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"This service was life-changing!


Before working with Christine, I couldn't figure out how to put my own services into words and I was overthinking all of it. When we met the first time, Christine asked me very specific questions that helped me to think more clearly about what I wanted to communicate. She then took those thoughts and put them into words in a very meaningful way.


Christine really listened to what I said and not only put it into words but actually added creative spins that felt so authentic to me. It saved me time, found the right words, and took the weight off my shoulders. I'm so grateful for going through this process with Christine. I can't believe it took me so long to do it.


It's the best thing I've done for myself and my business in years."

                                                               - Shannon Giordano

                                                                  LinkedIn Recommendation

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"Christine is extremely easy to work with, very knowledgable and asks the right questions to pull the story out of any client.


She delivered everything we expected and more!


Her turnaround times were exceptional and was able to help us on tight deadlines without sacrificing quality."

                                                               - Alicia Williams, writing client

                                                                  LinkedIn Recommendation

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