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Here are some of the VIP members of

Busy People Network

Liz August

Liz August is the owner of Simplify, Simplify, a consulting and outsourcing agency for overwhelmed heart-centered fempreneurs stuck between strategy and implementation. Liz simplifies the particles that make growing an online business difficult, no matter what stage you’re in. After streamlining their strategy, coaches and service providers are better able to DIY their business operations and many even delegate their websites, CRMs, social media, and more to the team.


Liz’s team allows you to get back to being present and doing what you love by connecting you with the right tech and systems, operational strategy, and done-for-you services. When she’s not simplifying businesses, Liz runs Netflix marathons and hangs with her husband, daughter, and schnauzer.  You can find Liz August at

Debbie Brosnan

Debbie Brosnan

The Effortless Kitchen

Debbie loves all things food and found her way from personal chef to virtual cooking class instructor as she and her business adapted with the need for virtual events. Debbie is a passionate self taught home cook who began her journey cooking along side her mother and grandmother as a young child. Her focus is on healthy food that tastes amazing using simple recipes so that those who take her classes will continue to make those dishes and others in their own kitchens. The Effortless Kitchen offers weekly classes, custom parties and corporate events and all are interactive and fun.


By popular demand, recorded classes are now being offered for those who can’t make the live classes and want to cook on their own time. Debbie is thrilled with the shift in her business as she can reach more people and share her gift with everyone. In 2022, Debbie has added on culinary travel as an offering for those who have the travel bug. You can find Debbie Brosnan at

Kathrine Bright

Kathrine Bright

KatFit, LLC

Kat’s passion is to work with busy women and moms who want to establish consistency with their fitness habits, get strong, feel great in their bodies, and improve their relationship with food. She specializes in prenatal, postpartum, and perimenopause fitness.


Kat does not specialize in one-size-fits-all routines. She customizes exercises and workouts to meet my clients where they are at. Kat prides herself in having a working relationship with her clients where she ensures a program design that will fit seamlessly into their busy and demanding lifestyles.  You can find Kathrine Bright of KatFit, LLC at

Laura Clark

Laura Clark is the Founder of The Wise Living Institute, Living Your Truth Sisterhood, and Living On Purpose Sistermind. She is a purpose & vision alchemist that helps solopreneurs to (re)discover their purpose, (re)align it with their passions, (re)Claim their Power to Live with greater joy and fulfillment. Laura is a sassy & spiritual mentor leading others to find their own compass. She is a champion of those developing working with their intuition and has guided clients to shatter self-imposed glass ceilings.


Laura is a lover of all things water (lakes, oceans, rivers), is a fur mom to 3 dogs, and is a defender of soul~led women on a mission to fulfill their destiny. You can find Laura Clark at

R_141218_N27_MEDIUM - Terri Courtemarche.jpeg

Terri Courtemarche
Scouter Design

Terri Courtemarche is a Graphic Designer and owner of Scouter Design. She works with businesses to build new brands and expand on existing ones. A strong brand is a consistent brand and she can visually tie all of your products together into one seamless package.


Her curiosity drives her to seek out smart solutions that will bring your ideas to light—connecting you to your audience and distinguishing you in the marketplace. And most importantly, she believes in providing you a positive, fun, and inspiring experience along the way. You can find Terri at

Brenda Crawshaw

Brenda Crawshaw

The Crawshaw Group

Brenda Crawshaw is The SEO Maven™ and her jam is helping people get tons of FREE traffic to their content on their (WordPress) websites and social media using expertly placed high value keywords.


SEO is permanent, exponential and is the single most effective way to get the search engines to put your offers in the spotlight.  You can find Brenda Crawshaw at

Debbie Ellisimage_50736641.JPG

Debbie Ellis

Good Life Travel

Debbie has combined the love of travel and extensive business knowledge in Good Life Travel Company. She's partnered with the best consortia, Virtuoso, and host agency to get you the best value for your vacations.


She knows the importance of making memories with family, getting away from the business of life and letting our kids see us having fun. Exploring new places and cultures really broadens our scope in life and helps us appreciate all we have. Debbie will help you turn your vacation dreams into reality. Schedule a consultation with her today at

Amy Flores-Young

Amy Flores-Young


Amy Flores-Young (Flo-Yo) is all about transformational travel and reclaiming the joy in travel. She specializes in realizing your dream retreat with more profit and less stress. Amy is a true partner in the planning process so coaches and leaders can deepen their client relationships.


Amy is a sought after expert in the world of travel planning and retreat business strategy, and she champions and rallies coaches and consultants to build the business and lifestyle of their dreams. You can Amy Flores-Young at

Christina Frei

Christina Frei is a marketing consultant, author, and creator of the Generosity Practice mindset work and the Innate Marketing Genius tools and method. She helps brilliant, mission-based entrepreneurs look smart and get hired.


In between, she chases her dog around with a stuffed animal snake, meditates on a pink couch, and obsesses over the perfect cup of green tea, all in a seaside town north of Boston.  You can find Christina Frei at

Marcie Giannattasio

Marcie Giannattasio

We-Bo Media and Consulting

Marcie is a Video Producer with almost 3 decades of experience producing everything from website videos to corporate video campaigns, non-profit fundraising videos to testimonials, Social Media videos, a Children’s television show, a reality show, documentaries, Museum of Science exhibits, broadcast commercials and everything in between. She’s learned many tips and tricks over the years that have helped her navigate the ever-changing video landscape. In January 2007, Marcie established WeBo Media and Consulting to work with small to medium sized businesses and non-profits of any size.


Marcie helps elevate your brand and business through video. In addition to creating professional videos, Marcie consults on video strategy, holds workshops, edits videos she didn't shoot, and offers a Do it WITH You video service so everyone can use video in their marketing efforts. You can find Marcie Giannattasio at

Shannon Giordano

Shannon Giordano

Serendipity Social Media

Shannon Giordano will tell you she’s not a digital native but she loves social media when it's used for good: to connect us, to share authentically, and to build relationships. She is passionate about helping business owners and entrepreneurs build a strategy to authentically share their products and services online with the goal of getting the best return on investment from social media marketing.


What gets her out of bed in the morning, other than her 3-year-old chinook, Gracie, and the need to get her kids up for school, is helping business owners and entrepreneurs build the social media community they dream of.  You can find Shannon Giordano at

Photo of Dr. Emily W. Gordon

Dr. Emily W. Gordon

Dr. Emily W. Gordon

Emily Gordon is a psychologist in Natick, and she can practice virtually in MA, FL and VT. Dr. Gordon provides individual psychotherapy to teens, young adults and women of all ages for  eating disorders and body image, breaking free from diet culture, cultivating a positive relationship to self, and creating an individualized definition of health, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, addiction and stress management


As an adolescent expert and a parent to 3 teens, Dr. Gordon is uniquely qualified to provide guidance on parenting teens more effectively and she is available for speaking engagements on all things adolescence and mental health. She helps parents and attendees to create a clear vision of what help and support their teens need, know about mental health when parenting teens and young adults and how to manage the transition to college, learn strategies to manage their feelings during the challenges of parenting, better take care of themselves while trying to do it all, foster meaningful family relationships, understand what they can do about eating disorders, body image struggles and social media when raising teens. Please reach out, to get to know Emily, find ways to collaborate or talk mental health!  You can find Dr. Emily at

Krista Gordon

Krista Gordon

Tranquil Little One

Krista Gordon, founder & educator for Tranquil Little One, is a certified Yoga teacher for children from 6 weeks old up to teenagers, a Reiki Practitioner & strategy partner for families looking to add movement and mindfulness into their everyday practice. As a mother of two children with Anxiety and Sensory Processing issues, she understands the need for having additional tools in your toolbox! She has made it her mission to empower children and their families to learn a variety of easy strategies to use at any time. By teaching specific yoga poses & flows, breathing techniques, mindfulness exercises, brain organization skills, and body/emotion check in’s, families learn valuable strategies while having fun!


Krista currently brings yoga to children in wellness studios and schools either in group classes or one on one sessions. Students and families regularly mention the positive impact that Krista's work has on their lives and she is grateful to have the opportunity to work with each and every one of them.  You can find Krista Gordon at

Judi Harrington

Judi Harrington, known as Judi 411, is the copywriter and content creator for the overlooked and misunderstood. Bring her your boring topics and she will breathe life into them and make people want to pay you money!


Realtors, financial professionals, and attorneys rely on Judi 411 to craft a message that educates and more importantly, CONVERTS clients to complex offerings. If you're struggling to show clients why your services matter TO THEM, ask Judi 411. She'll make sure they have the info they never knew they needed.  You can find Judi Harrington at

Ashleigh Howland Howland Muscular Theraph

Ashleigh Howland

Howland Muscular Therapy

Ashleigh is a muscular therapist who helps athletes breathe better and move better so they can train harder, recover easier, and elevate their performance. She is the person you call when your tired old rehab treatments just aren’t delivering the results you expect and deserve to live your best life. Currently seeing clients via telehealth, Ashleigh is delighted to begin offering in-person sessions and clinics exclusively for equestrians and athletic teams in early 2024.


Ashleigh is a business owner, a daughter, a sister, a dog mom, and a horse partner. A life-long equestrian, she rode before she walked and now enjoys retirement trail rides with her aging mare. She is always ready for a coffee date to discuss books, whisky, travel, food, and - of course - business strategy, power partners, social media, authentic connections, and more. Get in touch via email, or find her dropping sassy honesty on Instagram (@howlandmusculartherapy)

Lesley Ingves

Lesley Ingves

Clear Pathway, LLC

Lesley Ingves is a Business Optimization Strategist who works with entrepreneurs to simplify running their businesses through customized systems, time management structure and strategic planning.  She believes that each of us is a unique individual, who thinks and performs a little differently. It is important to understand how we naturally function and to set up systems that work with it. Lesley developed the Function-ality(™) Assessment to identify your innate tendencies. 


With over 30 years experience working in construction, Lesley has been intricately involved building projects valued over a billion dollars, including skyscrapers and city blocks. She knows a thing or two about project management.  You can find Lesley Ingves at

BethKnaus061121-1426-Edit - Beth Knaus.jpg

Beth Knaus is a creative copywriter, author, co-host of Unmute Yourself The Podcast, and the owner of That's a Spade Copywriting Services. Beth writes content for entrepreneurs that honors their originality and nails their voice to the page so they can step out of the masses, into the spotlight, and attract the types of clients they're excited to serve.

Beth lives in Norwood, Ma. with her husband and chubby, spoiled feline. She has three adult children who are independent and amazing humans:) When she's not writing for entrepreneurs, she likes to write her own stuff, read, hang out In the city, travel, cook, eat, and laugh. A lot!

You can connect with Beth at

Kathleen Lawson

Kathleen Lawson

Kathleen Lawson Consulting

Kathleen Lawson is a Business Strategist who helps solo professionals and small business owners implement the vision they have for their business. She does this by guiding them through prioritizing goals, creating action plans, implementing processes & systems, and maintaining accountability to execution.


Kathleen runs accountability groups and also works 1:1 with clients. With an MBA from Babson College, corporate experience, 20 years working for herself, and raising five boys, Kathleen is uniquely positioned to help her clients get results.  You can find Kathleen Lawson at

Photo of Christa Lyons Health and Wellness

If you are struggling with stubborn weight, bloating/gas every time you eat…anything,  constipation (or diarrhea…or both!), thinning hair, lack of energy, and a libido that is MIA, then Christa Lyons is the functional health coach for you!


Christa digs into the root cause of your symptoms and will help you correct the issues, so you can finally feel like yourself again!  You can find Christa Lyons at

Photo of Marcie Randall

Marcie Schein Randall

Sunschein Photography

As a mother of a medically complex child, photographer Marcie Randall knows how difficult it can be to get a great photo of someone who has trouble following instructions or making eye contact, works hard at sitting or standing independently, or who has multiple medical devices that might be a distraction. She also knows how disappointing it can be to have so few photos of that special person that really capture their spark.

The parent or caregiver can even be in the photo (for once!) and we can capture the special connection among all of you. With special needs photographer Marcie Randall, you’ll get those amazing shots that you may have thought would never happen. You can find Marcie Randall at

Photo of Francine Tirrell

Francine Tirrell

Forever Changed Coaching

Francine Tirrell  is the owner of Forever Changed Coaching. She is Mindset Coach and Energy Healer that inspires professional women that are overwhelmed, overextended, and exhausted to figure out what is next. She helps them shift their focus from doing to being. In the process, she helps them to create the space, healing, and action to design and move into whatever they want next in their business and their life. She helps her clients realize that their worth is NOT tied to what they do, but who they are, and she helps them explore who that is.


She spent over 15 years as a corporate leader and business owner and uses her intuition, training, and experience to helps her clients release, fear, self-sabotage, and the illusion of control and live from a place of flow. She shows women how to get out of their own way and shine as their true authentic self to own their value, purpose, and fun. She teaches women ‘It is time to look at who you are being and not what you are doing.’ Francine believes that when you are willing to trust and surrender, it creates true and lasting joy, ease, and flow personally and professionally.  You can connect with Francine here:

Photo of Nancy Wright

Nancy is the owner of wrightpix photo gifts and loves to help you bring the outdoors inside with nature-inspired fine art photography prints and products. She and her daughter make images that guarantee to connect you to an experience, a memory, a story, a feeling, or a dream. Wow, right? Nature is powerful. Wrightpix photo gifts delivers statement pieces for your walls, your home, your office, and your gift giving. If you're tired of buying the same gifts for the same people, check out wrightpix photo gifts for nature lovers, bird lovers, cityscape lovers, and art lovers.


It’s like bringing the wonders of the outside world right into your home or office. Don't have wall space? Check out their coasters, ornaments, note cards, and smaller prints. All feature original photos and bottom line, promise to give you that happy, euphoric feeling you get when you connect with nature. You can find Nancy Wright at

Photo of Lisa Zawrotny

Lisa Zawrotny is the founder of Positively Productive Systems, host of the Positively Living™ Podcast, and a Productivity + Accountability Coach certified in positive psychology and stress management. She helps multi-passionate creatives and entrepreneurs prioritize and make space for what matters and customize productivity approaches so they can do less, live more, and breathe easier.


When she’s not sharing the wonders of simplicity, self-awareness, and systems, you can find Lisa playing music and watching movies with her husband and kiddos, or drinking iced coffee and reading while trapped under a cat.  You can find Lisa Zawrotny at

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