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5 Tips for Creating Content During This Craziness

These are crazy times, for sure. I couldn’t think of anything in recent history that was to this scale and so global. Yes, we’ve had hurricanes and other disasters but not much that has reached every part of the country, nevermind the world. Here are some tips for your content over the next few weeks to be sure you are connecting with your audience on a personal level.

Be Sure That Your Previously Scheduled Content is Sensitive

As a content creator, I encourage you to look at what you have scheduled to post this upcoming week or two and be sure that it’s still relevant and sensitive. If you are advertising an event or service, is that still happening? Be sure to take those posts out of the scheduling queue if “social distancing” will negatively affect your in-person business over the next few weeks while things shake out.

How Can You Serve Your Customers in the Next Few Weeks?

Can you offer services remotely? Can you offer a discount for those who need it? Re-evaluate your products and services and see how you can modify to help the community over the next few weeks, then tweak your messaging to reflect that.

Share How You Are Handling COVID-19

Right now, everyone is glued to the news and social media. We are all interested in how this issue is affecting our neighbors, communities, and local businesses. This is a great time to share how you are handling the current state of affairs. Whether it’s sanitizing your brick-and-mortar business, or changing your products and services to bring them “online” instead of in-person, your customers will want to know.

Be Real

We’re all in this together. It’s new and unprecedented, and we’re all handling this as it changes day by day. It’s okay to be real with your audience - let them see what you’re going through. Because we’re all going through it together, your audience wants that connection. People love behind the scenes! Take photos or share your thoughts on how you can modify your business in a positive way.

Share Some Inspiration

This is a great time for us to pull through and look ahead with positive thoughts. It’s inspiring to see how the community is coming together for the greater good. If you’ve got something positive to share about these current times or something for people to look forward to, post it! We could all use as many uplifting thoughts as we can get.

You may have your hands full with balancing these rapid and intense changes. If you want some help creating content (or just running ideas by me), feel free to contact me. I want to help support all small businesses get through this unchartered territory. I know that some businesses are worried about the near future… I am here for you!

I am offering a DEEP DISCOUNT of 50% OFF my content writing services from now through April 15th (until I’m at capacity) to help my fellow small business owners stay on track.

- Social media posts

- Blog posts

- Social media calendar

- New marketing for brand new remote “social distancing” services


- Email campaigns

- Editing your existing content

I make it easy and time-saving! It’s all done remotely through phone calls or video chats, I’ll get your information and messaging, then craft into compelling content ready to publish while you go back to focusing on your business.

Contact me at or 508.603.9154 to see if I can help you with your workload, re-tool your marketing message, and connect with your audience during these crazy times.

Either way -- hang in there. Keep posting and connecting with your audience. Our online interactions will be our social lifeline in the next few weeks. There are so many positive thoughts and connections to be shared - and I look forward to connecting with all of you.


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