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How can you make any money if you give your content away for free?

Sometimes, when I sit down with my monthly blog clients, we brainstorm what kind of high value they want to generate. We're creating content that will be published and distributed by them for FREE (or in a low cost DIY offer).

I’ve been asked “How will I make any money if I give it all away?”

The answer is easy:

#1. There will always be a DIY’er that will take your free advice and do it themselves. Always.

And they’ll either get the info from you, or they’ll get it from someone else. Might as well be you.

#2. Some of those DIY’ers will eventually graduate to a level where they don’t WANT to do it themselves or don’t have TIME to do it themselves.

And now they already KNOW you and TRUST you. And you’ll be the first person they turn to when they are ready to hire someone.

It happens to my business all the time.

I once was teaching someone how to write an email series.

At the end of the session, she looked at me and said “Do you actually enjoy this?”

I acknowledged that I did. She acknowledged to me that she actually hated it. Then she said...

“Can I just pay you to do it for me?”

Moral of the story - don’t be afraid to give away your tips for free!

The “know, like, and trust” factor is real - and creating consistent content is an excellent way to cultivate that.

Need help creating your content - and the strategy behind it so that it doesn’t feel like throwing spaghetti against the wall?

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