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If you're going to create content - enjoy it!

Image of red leaves as part of a content creation discussion
Create content marketing that you can enjoy

Every year, I grab my camera and go out to take pictures of the breathtaking foliage that New England has been blessed with. I know I’m not alone… the leaf peeping season is upon us.

Even on my daily walks, I'll spy a particularly “interesting” leaf and immediately whip out my cell phone to compose a photo.

Why do we take pictures of colorful leaves each year? Or another beautiful mountain vista? Another gorgeous sunset?

Is it because we NEED another vista or sunset in our library of images (okay, as content creators, the answer might be yes).

Or do we create because it’s fun?

To me, sometimes it’s about playing around to see how I can capture what has grabbed me by the heart and said “look at me.”

Creation isn’t always about the end product (although it certainly can be) - sometimes it’s just about the fun of the process.

Here’s to sheer joy in creation - both business and personal.

If you’ve ever been in one of my groups or training sessions, you know that I am a big believer in creating content that you like.

Let’s debunk this myth that you HAVE to do everything. Or you HAVE to do certain things.

How about creating the content that you like to create. The content that is FUN to create.

If it’s fun, we’re more likely to stick to a plan.

And consistently creating quality content is the key to an effective content marketing plan…whatever that looks like for you.

Need some inspiration to get you halfway there? Check out my Content Templates for Busy People Membership. I’ll get you started… you bring it home!


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