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When you need
great copy.

And you need it now.

Book a VIP session
and get optimized website copy
or brand messaging



What clients are saying...

"Love my copy!!

You nailed it!"

- Denise Costello

In our 3-hour intensive session, we'll go through an efficient & effective process together to zero in on exactly

who you are,

what you offer, &

why you're different.

Keyboard and Mouse

What Do I Get With

My VIP Session?

VIP copywriting services

"So... what kind of copy or brand messaging will I get in the VIP day?"

We start with your overall Brand Messaging

Then get draft copy for 3-5 of the following:

  • Home Page

  • Sales Landing Page

  • About Page

  • Sales Email

  • Any other brand material

Need something else? We can do that too! 

VIP Days can be customized.

VIP copywriting made easy

Then comes the easy part!

You're done...

I write the copy!

This is for you if...

You want exceptional copy

...and you want it, like, yesterday.

On a mission to get it done fast? I love it!


Booking a great copywriter can take weeks - but this session takes you straight to the front of the line. Don't worry, I won't tell.

You need a strategic conversation

to get clarity.

You've got some great ideas, and need some help talking it through so that everyone else understands your unique value immediately.

That's what this is for!  Together we'll go through my process specifically designed to get at your mission, top selling points and core messaging. 

You need a partner who specializes

in "wordsmithing" & sales copy

so you don't have to.

Maybe you love writing - maybe you're even good at it.


But writing about your own business or personal brand is a whole other ball game.  It's hard to see the forest for the trees!


Sometimes you just need an outside expert to ask the right questions to hone in on what makes your business amazing...and stand out from the crowd.

You need a quick step-by-step process

to get your messaging done fast.

Having a hard time articulating what you do? You're not alone!

This proven process is the answer to "I just don't know how to say it."  During your VIP session, we'll go through a series of questions to get to the heart of who you are and how you can transform the lives of your customers.


What clients are saying...

"Another amazing success story

with Christine McShane.


She crafted an email to identify my ideal prospects from a large list and nearly 400 signed up!  I sent an email to my group of 690 and 52% opened it.


Way to go!! 

That's the power of good copywriting."

- Nancy Zare

Let's get this
copy party started!
- Christine
VIP day of copywriting services


Because if there's anything I love, 

it's clarity.

Q. Wait, explain to me again how this works?

A.  No worries! The process is simple:

1. Book your VIP appointment


2. Before our 3-hour intensive meeting, you'll answer a few questions about your business ahead of time and send any existing materials so we can hit the ground running. 


You'd be surprised how fast 3 hours will go by!  With some key preparation, we will maximize our time together.

3. During our 3-hour VIP session, we'll do a deep dive into your brand and your business.  There are questions designed to get at the core of your business, your value proposition, your story, and what makes you different.  

We need all that information to craft the most concise and compelling copy - whether it's your overall brand message, your website copy, or some specific sales copy.

4. After that meeting, you're free to go back to doing what you love to do, while the draft is worked on.

5. In the next day, you'll receive the first draft of your written copy delivered right to your inbox!

6. You'll have the opportunity to review, give feedback, and make one round of revisions within 2 business days. This can be done electronically, or with an optional 30-minute follow-up call.

7. If you have submitted revisions, you'll get the final written copy that's ready to roll within another 2 business days. Publish to your website, email list, or wherever you need it!

Q. What should I have prepared before the session?


In order to get the best results, you should:

- Understand where you want to take your business. If you are still unsure of your direction and the details of your offers, please pause and come back to this service once you have nailed those down.

- Have a thorough understanding of how you are different. We are going to drill down in something more specific than just "this business is excellent at what we do."   Because your website copy is sales copy, we need to know exactly how to sell your offers. 


In order for this VIP day to be effective, you need to walk in with a solid understanding of your positioning. If you haven't done that you, consult with a business strategist first.

- Have identified your ideal client(s) and why they need your service. You'll also need to bring an informal competitive analysis, and why your ideal client would choose your offer over the others.

- Bring testimonials and reviews!  These will help us write some excellent copy.

- All decision makers should attend.  This rapid time frame only works when all the stakeholders are involved from start to finish.  If you've got someone on your team that needs to weigh in / approve the copy, they should attend the VIP session. 



Q. Do you offer graphic design, website support, and email automation support?

My motto is - stay in your lane! My zone of genius is crafting words to connect with and compel your readers.


I have many colleagues that are talented in graphic design, SEO review, website design and support, business strategy, paid ads, and workflow automation that I would be happy to refer you if you need their services.

Q. How can you write this copy so fast?

So glad you asked. When you book your VIP session, we hold them in the morning, then I write the first draft in the afternoon. 

This is a fast-paced intensive offer.  It is a different experience than my traditional copywriting package, where we have time for brainstorming over several weeks, deep dive competitive analysis, existing material reviews, and revisions that include multiple decision makers.  Because this is an accelerated time frame, this is truly first draft copy.  If you would prefer a traditional copywriting package, I offer that too!

Sometimes, my clients just want to move fast.  This VIP day is for them.  Because this VIP day is the express lane for writing copy, it is only effective if you have a solid understanding of your brand, your offers, your positioning, your differentiators, and your ideal client.

If this is you, let's get started!

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